TADA Beauty | Incredible Spot Cover "Tea Tree"

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TADA Beauty | Incredible Spot Cover "Tea Tree"
TADA Beauty | Incredible Spot Cover "Tea Tree"
TADA Beauty | Incredible Spot Cover "Tea Tree"
TADA Beauty | Incredible Spot Cover "Tea Tree"

TADA Beauty | Incredible Spot Cover "Tea Tree"

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Introducing TADA Beauty's Incredible Invisible Spot Cover with Tea Tree, the ultimate solution for reducing excess oil production and healing minor wounds and irritated skin.
This innovative spot cover provides effective coverage and care, stimulating collagen production to accelerate the skin's natural healing process as you wear it. Designed to be suitable for all skin types, this advanced patch is a game-changer in the world of skincare.
Sheets: 4 | Patches: 104 | Size: 10mm
Ingredients We Love:
Tea Tree
Tea Tree oil is known for its powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it effective in treating acne, reducing redness, and calming irritated skin.
Hydrocolloid Hydrocolloid is a type of material commonly used in wound dressings and acne patches. It has the ability to absorb fluids and excess oils from the skin, creating a moist environment that promotes healing and prevents infection. 


Hydrocolloid, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract

Customer Reviews

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Sam & Tiff
Works just as well as any other

Vine Customer Review of Free Product - Works just as well as more expensive options.

Great value for money

Vine Customer Review of Free Product - This TADA BEAUTY 104 count Incredible Blemish Patch comes with 104 pieces of blemish patches. The patches work exactly as expected. They absorbs well and the adhesion is good. Also 104 patches for less than 10 dollars. I think it is a good value for money!

Reliable patches ~

Vine Customer Review of Free Product - The patches successfully removed a significant amount of gunk, and they performed as expected. I'm pleased with their effectiveness. These patches are made in Korea and exhibit the quality I anticipated from Korean beauty products. I appreciate the level of adhesiveness they offer, which is strong enough to stay in place all night without causing any damage to my skin. Overall, I'm satisfied with them, and they have met my expectations. I have a lot of pimples from time to time, and these patches have been effective in addressing that issue.

Effective and Affordable Pimple Patches - A Clear Winner!

Vine Customer Review of Free Product - I recently tried these pimple patches, and I must say they exceeded my expectations. They not only work effectively but also come at a remarkably affordable price point. If you're a fan of brands like Cosrx, you'll find these patches deliver similar results.

What sets these patches apart is that you get a total of 100 patches, encompassing both day and night versions. This generous quantity stands out, particularly when compared to other brands like Mighty Patch, which offer fewer patches for a similar price. This is a fantastic value that ensures you're well-prepared for any unexpected blemishes.

One of the highlights for me is the inclusion of tea tree oil in these patches. This ingredient accelerates the healing process, making them particularly effective for whiteheads. It's a powerful addition that ensures your skin clears up faster.

A lot of patches for the money

1Vine Customer Review of Free Product - 04 patches for ten bucks is fantastic. I love that they have an almost invisible daytime version. The addition of tea tree is wonderful. These are made in Korea. I hope I am not going to need all these patches, but I'm glad to have them!