Pullio Citrus Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizing Wipes 20ct Wet Wipes | Bulk Offer 64 pks ($0.85/pk)

Pullio Citrus Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizing Wipes 20ct Wet Wipes | Bulk Offer 64 pks ($0.85/pk)

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Pullio Hand Wet Wipes in bulk travel size packs make cleaning process easy for you.  You can easily dispense and clean your hands while eating, working, and traveling. Keep your and your family's hands clean with Faith and Jacob wet wipes. We power through grease, dust, and soap scum and grime. Each moist wipes with active ingredient benzalkonium chloride is perfect for everyone!

🖖 KEEP IT CLEAN - Pullio hand cleaning wipes are perfect for quick clean-ups when soap and water are not available . Use Pullio-Faith Wet Wipes ANYWHERE you go!

🍋 SUPREMELY SCENTED - with refresh citrus scent, Pullio-Faith towelettes will gift and enjoyable hands cleaning process for you and your loved ones! Keep your hands fresh and clean!

🖖 4 FREE INGREDIENTS - Faith hypoallergenic moist wipes are PARABEN, SULFATE, ALCOHOL and CRUELTY FREE. Instead of alcohol, our wet wipes include active ingredient benzalkonium chloride. Faith wet wipes are gentle for sensitive skin and can effectively cleanse your hands and are perfectly safe to use for everyone.

🖖 PREMIUM QUALITY CLOTH WIPES - Faith hand wipes are made out of extra soft and high quality embossing sheets. These embossing moist wet wipes are silky and comfortable on your skin, yet very sturdy to wipe out all dirt and residue.

🖖 PULLIO PRODUCTS - We make personal self-care products to enhance the quality of your life and keep your hygiene up. Pull your life together with Pullio!

BULK OPTION: 64 packs of 20 wipes in 1 box