Rejuvenate Your Hair With a Fresh Food Hair Mask!

Rejuvenate Your Hair With a Fresh Food Hair Mask!

In a world full of products, chemicals, and pollution, you need to do all you can to protect yourself. When it comes to hair, many will take extreme measures to make sure it looks the way they want. From chemical hair dyes to contact with hot temperatures, your hair is what takes the hit. These practices combined with exposure to the elements often leave hair looking damaged, which is a nightmare for any goddess who takes pride in her gorgeous hair.


Damaged hair is a drag, so you need something to put the life back into those delicate strands. Looks like the beauty doctor has prescribed you a hair mask. But not just any hair mask. Being the beauty queen you are, you deserve only the best. That’s why you need a Fresh Food for Hair hair mask - the perfect solution to recover hair & restore it to its beautiful, silky demeanor.

What is a Hair Mask?

There are times where your normal conditioner isn’t enough. If you’ve been on the search for a product that can help heal your hair, then you should consider using a hair mask. Hair masks are designed to provide hair a deep, nurturing treatment that conditions and heals your hair. While there are countless hair masks available, you need a hair mask that is guaranteed to leave your hair feeling fresh, moisturized, and nourished.

What Makes Fresh Food for Hair Different?

If you care about using products that are nature-oriented and do what they say they will, then Fresh Food for Hair will strike nature’s glory upon your hair. Developed by Farmskin, Fresh Food For Hair envelops the remarkable benefits of fresh food and wraps it up into a hair mask that you can use to re-discover your connection with Mother Nature.


Farmskin offers two different hair mask solutions: one geared towards damage care & the other designed to provide a deep moisture treatment. Each hair mask has distinct characteristics to effectively tackle their unique tasks at hand. Let’s explore what each hair mask treatment has in store.

The Deep Moisture Hair Mask with Grape & Apple

This Deep Moisture hair mask is a nutrition-rich solution that moisturizes hair thoroughly. A conditioning collaboration of honey & Jojoba seed oil paired with restorative plant-based proteins work wonders. Essential vitamins & nutrients join forces to hydrate, soften, and leave your hair with a luxurious shine.


Grape & apple are the fresh ingredients that are extracted to become a practical addition to this hair mask. These fruit extracts are responsible for enhancing your hair’s texture and obedience. Achieve lustrous, radiant hair with little to no effort!

The Damage Care Hair Mask with Orange & Banana

If you’re looking to revitalize damaged hair, then look no further than the Damage Care hair mask. Keratin, ceramide, and panthenol are responsible for mending & reinforcing damaged, wounded hair to bring it back to the smooth, wholesome look you long for. With improved elasticity & manageability, your hair will be ready to take on the world.


The power of fresh orange and banana extracts provide your hair with concentrated nutrition that revitalizes & polishes damaged hair. Reunite with natural shine thanks to the vigor of the world’s favorite fruits.


Farmskin Exclusive Bio-Degradable + Breathable Hair Cap

When you wear hair mask or any types of mask caps for a long time, your scalps tend to feel irritated and suffocated, because they block outside air. Simultaneously, rubber bands also tighten your head to make your home care process tiring and annoying. In order to make your salon-like hair treatment experience more refreshing and relaxing, Farmskin invented their own exclusive, patented hair caps that are both breathable and bio-degradable!


Because Farmskin’s hair caps are made of cotton textured elastic fabric, they are naturally stretchable to comfortably fit for all hair types. At the same time, their fabric contain micro-size holes that open access to outside air, your scalps and hair feel refreshed and invigorated during the treatment process.

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