Chupa Chups Lip Locker Wins Runner Up in Latin America ECRM 2020

by Kurt Repola - 12/18/2020


Their Chupa Chups Lip Locker is a fun lip stain that resembles to the world renounced Chupa Chups candy. The formulation of the Lip Locker is to lock in the moisture without compromising the quality of the pigmentation. It also offers multiple degrees of color depending on your preference. So may it be a light gradient effect to a solid vibrant color on your lips, it will surely add that vivid pop of color in your collection. The candy-inspired scent also gives a nostalgic feeling that takes you back to your childhood—embracing the candy!



Yes Sales Inc. provides diverse kinds of selections from top-quality beauty items to comfortable and trendy apparel.


Source: ECRM - APAX USA Inc. wins the ECRM Latin American Health & Beauty Care Buyer’s Choice Award (

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