Hand sanitizing shouldn’t be boring. With our hands being one of the most important parts of our body, we should be excited about a product that allows us to respect them as such.
That’s why we created Pullio- the ultra-soft, alcohol-free, effective, and wonderfully refreshing luxury hand sanitizing wipe. Pullio are featured in two non-traditional scents - peppermint and citrus. Going beyond the clinical texture, and chemical scent of the vast majority of other antibacterial hand wipes, Pullio gives you a refreshing burst of our specially curated scents while kiling 99.9% of bacteria after use. The ultra-moistening formula combined with the soft and thick embossed texture of the wipe cloth allows the product to avoid drying out during use- so much so, that after you cleanse your hands, the wipe will retain enough moisture to then wipe down your phone and other high trafficked surfaces. With a small and compact package and airtight seal, Pullio is ready to travel with you by purse and by pocket on your everyday trips.
Pullio aspires to change the sanitizing narrative. Staying healthy is essential, and Pullio strives to be a vibrant reminder of this fact in your every day routine. We here at Pullio encourage you to be kind to your hands, and “Pullio life together”.

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