What is an Emulsion?

What is an Emulsion?

Curious about what Emulsions are? Keep reading! We'll explain to you what this K-beauty product is and how it is beneficial to you and your skincare needs.


What is an Emulsion?

An emulsion is a lightweight version of a moisturizer. It is usually non-sticky or water-based to give that lightweight formula. The skin usually absorbs emulsions faster than a regular moisturizer because of its formulation. 

What are the benefits of an Emulsion? 

Emulsions, just like a cream, can offer the same skincare benefits. It locks in moisture for your essences and serums. It also adds to the hydration of the skin barrier.

When to use an Emulsion? 

As a general rule in the K-beauty skincare routine, emulsions are typically applied after your serum and before your cream moisturizer. However, if you have oily skin, you can opt for an emulsion to be your final moisturizer. It works great with oily skin because it gives hydration to the skin without the sheen majority of creams leave. 

Try Farmskin Superfood's Mangosteen True Balancing Facial Emulsion. This product has naturally-derived ingredients like Mangosteen and Colostrum that will surely help nourish the skin barrier. Mangosteen is rich in antioxidants and helps promote microcirculation which improves skin vitality and radiance. Colostrum is rich in nutrients, proteins and amino acids. It helps repair the skin barrier as well. 

You can also check our full collection of Emulsions here.

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